The Somerset County Bar Association was founded over one hundred years ago. The Association has always been dedicated to public service and the enhancement of the legal profession by providing programs such as continuing legal education and lawyer referral services. Association members have included many prominent judges, legislators and attorneys who have served New Jersey and Somerset County with distinction. The Association promotes the highest standards of practice and encourages its members to contribute their time both within the legal community and the community at large.

While the Bar Association focuses on programs and initiatives that benefit our attorneys, the Somerset County Bar Foundation has an external view to serving the needs of our community.




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Breakfast with the Judiciary Series - Wed. Jan. 28th - Meet Judges Ciccone, Coleman, Miller and Mawla. Details and Registration Form  POSTPONED due to inclement weather.
Mock Trial Final Competition postponed until Wednesday, January 28th @ 5:30 pm

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Click here for the 2014-15 Vicinage XIII Judiciary & Staff Directory - UPDATED 9/1/14