About the SCBA

The Somerset County Bar Association was founded in 1899. The Association has always been dedicated to public service and the enhancement of the legal profession by providing programs such as continuing legal education and lawyer referral services. Association members have included many prominent judges, legislators and attorneys who have served New Jersey and Somerset County with distinction. The Association promotes the highest standards of practice and encourages its members to contribute their time both within the legal community and the community at large.

While the Bar Association focuses on programs and initiatives that benefit our attorneys, the Somerset County Bar Foundation has an external view to serving the needs of our community.

The Officers and Trustees of the Somerset County Bar Association have a long tradition of exceptional service to the legal community and public. Many past Presidents, including the following, have gone on to fill important legal positions:

Frederick W. Hall, President in 1945, served as a Justice of the New Jersey Supreme court and was involved in numerous landmark decisions. John W. Fritz, President in 1962, was appointed to the Appellate Division and served as a Presiding Judge of the Appellate Division for over 10 years. Leon Gerofsky, President in 1937-38, went on to become the Assignment Judge in the Superior Court, Middlesex County. David G. Lucas, President in 1972, served our county well for many years as a Judge in the Superior Court, Law Division. Samuel Chiaravelli, President in 1953, served as a County Judge in Somerset.

Stephen Champi, President in 1973, was the Somerset County Prosecutor in the mid- to late- 70s. James Bowers, President in 1940, served his country as a Brigadier General of the National Guard in World War II and later New Jersey as a State Senator. Raymond Trombadore, President in 1971, Cynthia M. Jacob, President in 1980,  and Miles S. Winder, III, President in 1987, went on to serve as Presidents of the New Jersey State Bar.  Graham T. Ross served as Somerset County Bar President in 1981, and in 2001, became the Assignment Judge for Vicinage XIII which includes the Superior Courts in Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren Counties.

Other past Presidents have become prominent members of the legal community. For example, Richard Norris, President in 1970, is a founding partner of Norris, McLaughlin & Marcus,P.A., the largest law firm in Somerset County.



(Effective September 8, 2017)


Michael Fedun, Esq
Singer and Fedun LLC
P.O. Box 134
2230 Route 206
Belle Mead, NJ 07059
Phone: 908-359-7873
Fax: 908-359-0128
President - Elect
Joel G. Cohen, Esq.
Flanzbaum & Cohen, LLC
7 Mt. Bethel Road
Warren, NJ 07059
Phone: 908-757-7300
Fax: 908-757-3847
1st Vice President
Heidi Ann Lepp,Esq.
Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D'Onofrio, LLP
101 Town Center, Suite 117
Warren, NJ 07059
Phone: 908-753-3833
Fax: 908-753-4189
2nd Vice President
Victoria D. Britton, Esq.
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott 
Princeton Pike Corporate Center, Ste 203
200 Lenox Dr
Lawrenceville, NJ  08648
Phone: 609-392-2100
Fax: 609-392-7956
Steven K. Warner, Esq.
Ventura Miesowitz Keough & Warner, PC
783 Springfield Ave
Summit, NJ 07901
Phone: 908-277-2410
Fax: 908-277-1374
Ryan S. Carey, Esq.
Apruzzese, McDermott, Mastro & Murphy, PC
25 Independence Blvd,
P.O. Box 112
Liberty Corner, NJ  07938
Phone: 908-580-1776
Fax: 908-647-1492




Anthony J. Parenti, Jr., Esq.
Somerset County Prosecutor's Office
40 North Bridge Street
P.O. Box 3000
Somerville, NJ  08876
Phone: 908-575-3300
Fax: 908-252-0105
Edward J. Rebenack,Esq.
Rebenack, Aronow & Mascolo, LLP
21 North Bridge Street
Somerville, NJ  08876
Phone: 908-448-2560
Fax: 732-247-3630
Joseph C. Tauriello, Esq.
Mason Griffin & Pierson, PC
101 Poor Farm Road
Princeton, NJ  08540
Phone: 609-436-1206
Fax: 609-359-0128
Arthur Margeotes, Esq.
Flanzbaum & Cohen, LLC
7 Mt. Bethel Road
Warren, NJ 07059
Phone: 908-757-7300
Fax: 908-757-3847
Daniel Esposito, Esq.
McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, LLP 
P.O. Box 2075
Morristown, NJ 07962
Phone: 973-348-5223
Fax: 973-425-0161
Rita Aquilio
Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA
400 Crossing Blvd.
Bridgewater, NJ  08807
Phone: 908-722-0700
Fax: 908-722-0755
SCBA Trustee to the NJSBA
Diane K. Smith, Esq.
Legal Services of NW Jersey
34 W. Main Street
Somerville, NJ  08876
Phone: 908-231-0840
Fax: 908-231-6780



Immediate President
Michele E. D'Onofrio, Esq
Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D'Onofrio,
101 Town Center, Suite 117
Warren NJ 07059
Phone: 908-753-3833
Fax: 908-753-4189
 Past President (2015-16)
Jeralyn L. Lawrence, Esq.
Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, PA
P.O. Box 5933
721 Rte 202/206; Ste 200
Tel: 908-722-0700
Fax: 908-722-0755
Past President (2014-15)
Francisco Taddeo, Esq.
Law Office of Francesco Taddeo, LLC
31 E. High Street
Somerville, NJ  08876
Tel: 908-256-1088
Fax: 908-256-1099
Past President (2013-14)
Amy Wechsler, Esq.
Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D'Onofrio, LLP
101 Town Center, Suite 117
Warren, NJ 07059
Phone: 908-753-3833
Fax: 908-753-4189




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Somerville , NJ 08876-1095
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